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About Us

We want to revolutionize the book publishing industry.

Inara Publishing is an imprint of GCRR Press that specializes in publishing non-academic work (fiction, non-fiction, counseling, etc.), as well as academic work unrelated to religion. We offer more benefits than most other publishing houses because we are committed solely to you, the author, and to your writing career. We focus on making your book affordable, available, well-known, and influential.

The truth of the matter is that current publishing practices are exploitative and have a terrible profit motive behind every action. This sad fact means that many writers either cannot afford or are never given the chance to publish their work. The result is that professional book publishing remains an exclusive club made up of cliques and inner circles, rarely penetrated by the less privileged. Both the global world of literature and the readers themselves suffer as a consequence, and that is something we can no longer tolerate.

Why Not Just Self-Publish My Book?

The unfortunate reality is that you're likely not to receive any attention or credibility if you self-publish your book. It really is just the nature of the publishing industry. Self-published books are still considered a joke among professionals, and the authors who resort to self-publishing are usually seen as discredited or inferior because they (apparently) weren't accepted by a real publishing house. The mentality is that if anyone can simply upload a book onto the internet, then how do I know the information in the book or the authors themselves are credible? 

When you publish through an actual publisher like Inara Publishing, you're having your book professionally copyedited, typeset, and (for academic books) peer-reviewed by actual specialists.

Why Not Publish Somewhere Else?

Because we want you to help us revolutionize the academic publishing industry and force these other companies with a profit motive to take better care of their authors. ​Help us be the change we want to see in the world!

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